Eng. Khamis Mubarak Al Kiyumi

Eng. Khamis Mubarak Al Kiyumi
Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Al Madina Investment

Mr Al Kiyumi has over thirty years of experience in both the Public and Private sectors in Oman. During his career, he has developed successful partnerships with public and private sectors’ financial institutions, public sector pension funds in Oman and sovereign wealth funds in the region. Mr Al Kiyumi has participated in unlocking potential opportunities through creating successful partnerships with prominent individual investors in the region, which in turn led to the creation of business opportunities and projects for the private sector in Oman.

Currently, Mr Al Kiyumi is heavily invested in the private sector through promoting new business activities, management and development of a number of existing strategic businesses with the aim of strengthening the Sultanate’s economic growth.

In addition, he played an effective role participating in forums that provide input in shaping the macro and micro economic strategy of the Sultanate and in a number of seminars and conferences regionally and globally covering topics that include economics, finance, investment, productivity, economic diversification and entrepreneurship. He has also participated in numerous workshops for senior corporate executives on global business management practices, regulatory developments in the business sphere and corporate governance.

Mr Al Kiyumi holds the position of the Chairman of the board of several private sector companies in the domain of investment, banking, finance, real estate, hospitality, insurance, farming, entertainment and retail.

Mr Al Kiyumi holds a Degree in Industrial Engineering from King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia. He is an active social contribution in the economic sphere of the Sultanate through unlocking new business activities, development of existing business, human resources development, mentorship of businesses, and support of corporate social responsibility initiatives.