Under the patronage of the Diwan of Royal Court, the National CEO program is an initiative that was launched by the Public Private Partnership Taskforce (Sharaka). It is the first of its kind in the Sultanate and its goal is to develop the next generation of private sector Omani leaders and executives

It is a visible demonstration of the importance and value that the Sultanate assigns to the private sector’s role in the future performance of Oman’s economy and one which will deliver clear results.

The National CEO Program is designed to address the private sector’s emerging needs for talented business leaders and executives who are empowered to meet the challenges of the marketplace and embrace the opportunities that the Sultanate’s economy will offer. This exclusive program is founded on global best practice and the latest leadership thinking and learning methodologies.

Unique collaboration – The program capitalises on the expertise of a world-class partner to offer a multi-dimensional and enriching learning experience: IMD of Switzerland, one of the world’s finest Business Schools.

Broad appeal and accessible – The program is designed to benefit Omani business people from organisations of various sizes across diverse sectors and regions of the country.

Fully integrated program – The program represents a combination of learning, coaching, and practical application to create measurable impact at individual, organisational, and sectoral levels.

Please click here to download the National CEO Program brochure.