The Opportunity

The Opportunity

"The program provided me with an invaluable opportunity to connect with my Omani peers across various sectors. It also allowed me to focus on developing my skills, capabilities and personal growth in a global context"

Mohammed Sadiq Sulaiman
Oman National Investments Development Company SAOC
Finance sector - Muscat

The Sultanate has outstanding economic opportunities – the country boasts a wealth of natural and human resources for development. The nation’s public and private sector are working, and will continue to work, together to identify these sectoral opportunities and therein secure a future less reliant on the carbon-based economy. However the private sector needs the right leadership talent to fully realise these available opportunities.

In order to achieve this, the private sector’s critical challenges are: to identify the future leaders of the country’s organisations; to understand their capabilities and the areas for personal development; to develop their leadership skills, capabilities and experience, enabling them to compete on the international stage; to build a network of current and future private sector leaders focused upon unlocking the economic potential of the country.

The National CEO Program is uniquely positioned to address these challenges through the implementation of an integrated program that delivers a challenging selection process, a transformational learning process, and a well supported and dynamic Omani leadership network.

Several key design factors ensured the unique nature of the program

National CEO Program Key Factors

  • The National CEO Program was launched by the Public- Private Partnership Taskforce (Sharaka), reflecting the commitment to building an effective partnership between both sectors.
  • Leading practices in leadership development: The program is designed around the latest leadership thinking, theories, trends and practices.
  • Responds to private sector requirements: the Program is designed to address the challenges and opportunities specific to Oman’s operating environment.
  • Fully integrated program: The Program integrates learning, coaching, and practical application to create impact at individual, organisational, sectoral, and national levels.
  • Aligned to Oman’s national priorities: The Program’s vision and strategic objectives are aligned to Oman’s national priorities.
  • Broad appeal and accessible – The program is designed to benefit Omani business people from organisations of various sizes across diverse sectors and regions of the country. It also provides an opportunity for a range of Omani leaders to work together for the first time.

Unique National CEO Program Design

  • Visible participation by PPP members, sharing lessons of leadership in ‘Fireside Chats’.
  • Multi-dimensional learning experiences tailor-made for the Omani context
  • Building skill sets for the private sector to increase the nation’s competitiveness
  • Translates theory into practice through strategic breakthrough projects
  • Core content and project applications aligned to national priorities
  • Diverse participation of future Omani business leaders