Frequently Asked Questions

The Initiative

The NCP’s vision is to build a community of future world-class Omani business leaders.
The Program recognises the role of private sector leadership in accelerating national economic development through organisational and sectoral performance and growth. The NCP develops leaders who are able to leverage their skills, knowledge and experiences to enable their organisations to take advantage of current and future business opportunities. It supports sector diversification through encouraging participation and enhancing capabilities of leaders from key strategic sectors.
The Program plans to enroll 100 participants in a total of three cohorts. The Program’s duration is nine months in total.
The National CEO Program is an investment by the Diwan of Royal Court. The Diwan of Royal Court sponsors all tuition fees, learning materials, administration, as well as appropriate travel and accommodation costs for modules taking place overseas.
Graduation from the NCP does not guarantee an appointment at CEO level. The Program aims to build world-class Omani business leaders capable of driving growth and development in the private sector on an individual and organisational scale. The NCP is not involved in any recruitment activities for CEO positions.
Participants graduating from the Program become members of the ‘NCP Community' as well as the Alumni of IMD. The NCP does not play a role in the appointment of Participants as CEOs.

The NCP is module-based and can be completed whilst participants continue to work in their current role, however, participants are required to allocate time away from the office throughout the duration of the nine months. Participants are expected to be away from the office for a total of 36 module days (excluding travel time) as well as approximately 30 days for project work, with a minimum of 2-3 days per month required.

Participation in the National CEO Program represents a significant investment of time from individuals and their organisations. Once accepted, participants will need to sign a Commitment Letter indicating their understanding and acceptance of the program schedule and required course work. Participants unable to dedicate themselves to the entire program* for any reason will be released from the program.

*Please refer to the Program Calendar for the complete schedule of program modules and timeline.

The immersive learning experience required for the leadership journey in Module 1 means Participants will be expected to provide their complete attention and commitment for the duration of the travel period. Hence, we do not encourage Participants’ family members to accompany them during out-of-country modules. If a Participant’s family member does accompany the cohort, The Diwan of Royal Court will not be responsible for any fees they incur throughout the module.
The Advisory Committee supports the NCP to realise its vision of contributing to the development of world-class Omani business leaders. The Advisory Committee comprises a distinguished group of high profile, private sector Omani leaders and advisers with international leadership development expertise who represent a broad number of strategic industries of importance to the economy. Advisory Committee Members are passionate about the role world-class Omani business leaders need to play in creating a strategically sustainable, dynamic, diverse and competitive economy for the Sultanate of the future. The Advisory Committee’s role is to advise on the overall direction and development of the Program as well as the final selection of cohorts.

Selection Process

The three step application process is outlined on the website under Admission. Applicants can only apply by completing the online application process. Any applications submitted in person or by email will not be considered.
A globally reputable HR consultancy based outside Oman is the NCP’s independent Assessment and Selection Partner. This leading global human resources consulting company partners with leaders and organisations to deliver business performance and growth through the transformation of individuals and organisations. In partnership with the Institute of Capability Development at the Diwan of Royal Court, this expert assessment and selection consultancy has designed and implemented a rigorous, fair and transparent selection and recruitment process to deliver successive cohorts of diverse, high potential participants.

As part of its objective to support the national agenda to diversify Oman’s economy, the NCP includes participants from a diverse range of industries, specialisations and scales of enterprises. Application to the NCP is not limited to specific industries, professional expertise or company size. The NCP targets sectors in alignment with the Sultanate’s strategic agenda and economic development goals.

The Program is open for Omani nationals living in the Sultanate and overseas.
The NCP focuses on developing individuals for leadership positions in the private sector. Participants must, therefore, be working in and committed to a career future in the private sector. A separate program, The National Leadership & Competitiveness Program, will be launched in 2017 and will be targeted at executive leaders in the public sector.
The NCP aims to prepare individuals for leadership positions in the private sector. Applicants need to demonstrate their commitment to working within the private sector and their leadership potential. An applicant who has moved from the public sector into the private sector is clearly able to demonstrate their commitment to support the private sector agenda. This is a career profile of interest to the NCP.
Admission to the NCP is based on merit in terms of professional achievement and leadership potential. Whilst many SME (small and medium enterprises) CEOs are accomplished within the context of Oman’s business environment, they may benefit from leadership development to operate at world-class level. SMEs form the bedrock of growth, innovation and employment in every economy. The NCP equips Omani SME leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools to exert greater influence and impact in their strategic sector to benefit the national agenda. SME CEOs play an important role in contributing to the diversity, innovation and agility of the NCP community of business leadership practice as a whole.

Yes. The NCP automatically rules out non-Omani applicants, applicants who are not fluent in English, applicants with less than eight years management experience, applicants who are younger than 27 years of age, applicants who are not working in the private sector and applicants who have an immediate family member who is or has been a participant on the program.

Please visit the Who Should Apply? section under 'Admissions' for a complete list of the admission criteria

The interview period is highlighted in the ‘Program Calendar’ section of this website. If you are invited to the interviews stage, please ensure that you are available throughout those dates as (due to high demand) we are unable to reschedule.

Admission to the NCP is highly competitive as places are limited. The NCP encourages applicants who have not been successful to learn from the experience and to use this to grow and develop their capabilities for the future. The NCP selection process identifies applicants who meet the selection criteria and, for this reason, does not screen out qualifying applicants who may have made an unsuccessful application previously.

Interested parties can visit or send an enquiry by email to