BP’s Chief Economist Delivers Cutting-Edge Insights at National CEO Program

BP’s Chief Economist Delivers Cutting-Edge Insights at National CEO Program

Nov 20, 2016

Given the current volatility in the global oil and gas market, the National CEO Program (NCP) hosted BP’s Chief Economist to deliver world level insights on how international dynamics are impacting business in Oman. The NCP saw Spencer Dale address current participants and Alumni on the ‘Future Trends in Global Energy’ in its mission to build the capabilities of world-class leaders equipped to meet global economic challenges.

Lending expert perspective relating to the bedrock industry of the Omani economy, the presentation covered key questions relating to local industrial development and its relationship to the dynamics of local business; including, what determines global oil supplies when oil is not exhaustible? How will Liquid Natural Gas change global gas pricing? How quickly will renewables penetrate the global energy system?

“By delivering globally-relevant business leadership insight the NCP is facilitating robust growth amongst the leaders of tomorrow and without a doubt raising Oman’s capability to deliver a world-class performance as a strong global economic competitor,” said Richard Kemp, Director of the NCP at the Institute of Capability Development, Diwan of Royal Court.

He added, “Complementing the efforts of Oman’s leading expertise and our Knowledge Partner, the globally leading International Institute for Management Development, Dale’s delivery stimulated new thinking across our business leadership audience and fueled our commitment towards innovation, diversification and transformation as core principles at the heart of the NCP community.”  

Drawing upon Dale’s informed insight, the discussion aimed to provide direction in terms of upcoming opportunities within the local energy sector, whilst maintaining a focus on the drive for continued economic diversification.