Public-Private Partnership Taskforce (Sharaka)

As an extension of the patronage of H.M. the Sultan for the private sector, and in order to enable the sector to play its role as an active partner in the social and economic development of the Sultanate, the initiative was launched in April 2013, through the adoption of a taskforce that includes six ministers and six members from the private sector that are selected in rotation from among 30 representatives of the sector including business owners who have been chosen by a wider private sector group. The initiative is an inclusive effort structured in a manner that allows for the rotation of private sector members, thereby including a broad number of participants and views from the private sector.

The PPP has several notable objectives, including: enhancing co-operation between the public and private sector, identifying opportunities for collaboration, supporting the employment and capability development of Omani Nationals, as well as working towards regional diversification and development.

The Taskforce efforts began by identifying four national priorities of partnership (economic diversification, job creation, regional development, building national capabilities), where these priorities constitute a general framework for proposed ideas, projects and initiatives, as well as challenges to be addressed in partnership with relevant government agencies. In addition, four working groups have been established to include a number of undersecretaries as representatives of key government stakeholders for each priority, and a number of businessmen and businesswomen as representatives to the partnership team from the private sector.

The National CEO Program is one of a number of national initiatives that have been agreed upon by representatives of the two sectors, aiming to enable the private sector through equipping it with world-class executives who are able to lead its future towards further progress and prosperity, and contributing to the overall national economy. A number of other key projects and initiatives are currently being studied.