Program Framework

Module 1 Leadership and Innovation

The program will kick off with module one, over 2 weeks, which will cover leadership, Innovation, and Marketing. This module is divided into multiple parts.

Part 1 focuses on developing the skills and knowledge to think and act strategically.
Part 2 consists of a four-day leadership immersion in the Swiss mountains where the participants will work with IMD faculty members and coaches to understand and refine their personal leadership knowledge and skills.
Part 3 will focus on innovation and creative thinking.
Part 4 will focus on marketing and consumer behaviour.

We will also introduce you to your projects during this module.

Module 2 Strategy and Finance

This module will cover two topics. First, it will build the strategic financial acumen of participants through sessions on finance and value creation. The participants will be given the tools to make well informed financial decisions, including coverage of financial statements, financial ratios, cash flow and financial value creation. They will also learn how to value an organisation, and understand the valuations of financial markets, leading to a discussion of mergers and acquisitions. Finally, they will cover the financial trends that will affect future competitiveness in the Middle East and across the world. Secondly, the module will explore the operational aspects of strategy and execution, including strategic business model innovation and supply chain management

Module 3 Leading in a Global Context

The third module will take place in Singapore and will focus on how to become a global leader. It will look at cross-cultural management and explore the skills required to lead in a multi-national setting, while also exploring trends within emerging Asian markets and Singapore’s success as a city-state. During this module, participants will look at digital technologies and trends that are reshaping the business world globally.

Module 3 will use the opportunity of being located in Singapore to experience and understand the economic and developmental journey that the nation has experienced over the last few decades. It will look at the innovative ways through which Singapore has developed one of the world’s most respected public and private sectors.

Module 4 Leading Organisations and Change

This module will focus on organizational aspects of leadership. It will also cover important elements of managing the process of change through cases and examples. Finally participants will have the opportunity to examine the problem of organisational complexity and the benefits and strategies of simplification.

Module 5 Inspirational Leadership

During the fifth module back in Switzerland, participants will reacquaint themselves with their IMD coaches and continue their leadership journeys. Between modules 1 and 5, participants will obtain extensive 360 degree feedback on their leadership competences from colleagues. This feedback will be reviewed and discussed during this module. The participants will also go through extensive communication and media training. Finally, IMD faculty will revisit the topic of strategic thinking and apply new and different lenses to problem solving and decision making.

Module 6 Competing for the Future

During the final module, we will conduct a series of interactive exercises and ‘war games’ to test the participants’ strategic thinking and execution abilities. Focus will also be placed on governance and board management. Time will be allocated to refining the projects that are to be presented to a panel of cross-sector high profile Omani leaders.