The learning journey

Today’s leaders are faced with a wide range of challenges and increasing levels of competition locally, regionally, and internationally. They are expected to develop and implement business strategies and integrate the work of multiple functions to achieve the best possible results. The National CEO Program will enable Oman’s future senior leaders to gain the integrated knowledge and global insight required to lead their organisations successfully in the face of global economic uncertainty and fierce competition.

The NCP management has worked closely with IMD to develop a comprehensive learning process. It draws on intellectual and experiential methodologies to deliver impactful learning and offer the opportunity to network with a broad range of leaders and thinkers. Participants will be exposed to a variety of models, ideas and practical experiences that blend theory with practice.

The program is delivered in English by a consortium of world-class faculty and senior practitioners. This intensive curriculum, which covers a range of business and leadership topics, is presented in six modules over the course of one year. Three modules will be conducted in the Sultanate and three will be abroad (two at IMD’s campus in Switzerland and one in Estonia). The program requires a considerable commitment from participants throughout the year, including pre and post module preparation work. In addition, participants will be expected to work in groups on real-life projects of strategic importance to the Sultanate’s private sector.

To ensure a rewarding and diverse learning journey for the participants, the program is designed using the following methodologies:

The modular programs are an integral part of the learning journey. They are based on adult-learning best practices that will enable participants to understand how people lead or manage their organisations, often in very different circumstances. This will challenge their thinking and help them catalyse new ideas and approaches to leadership.
Coaching is a key element of the program to shape and drive change at a personal level. It will help participants develop their self-awareness, interpersonal and team leadership capabilities. Each participant will be assigned a world-class IMD coach who will work with them individually and in small groups. The coaches will challenge, support and encourage participants to embark on a journey of discovery and positive change to maximise their performance.
Learning is most effective when it is practised and applied. An essential element of the learning journey is experimenting and applying the theory back at the workplace – testing different approaches to leading the business, managing people and delivering results. The program will be enriched with case studies, field visits, business simulations, and role plays that will allow participants to engage, practice, and reflect on what they have learned. 

An integral component of the program is the application of what has been learned to the development of real-life projects. The Breakthrough Projects, designed by IMD, are aimed at delivering sustainable value in line with Oman’s national agenda.

The Breakthrough Projects will be related to concrete business opportunities in a range of important fields from Oman’s private sector such as industry, infrastructure, logistics, tourism and agriculture, among others. These promise to be thought-provoking exercises based on measurable challenges and opportunities.

Participants will work in groups to develop their projects during the course of the program. They will be supported throughout and given access to relevant experts for advice and mentoring. On the last day of the sixth module the groups will demonstrate the results of their learning by presenting their strategic projects to a senior public and private sector audience.